Your partners in production, engineering and administration.
Do you want to set up your company in a future-oriented and innovative way? 
The db3 solutions group is the right sparring and service partner for you. 
As a competent companion and consultant, we will work with you to identify and leverage your company's potential to improve and secure your contribution margin III. 

Benefit from our many years of experience as entrepreneurs, managing directors, executives or employees of globally active industrial companies, as well as in corporate and management consulting. 

Whether you are a medium-sized company, a corporate group or a private equity company - we offer consulting services for many problems in manufacturing companies.
Our services include, for example, M&A consulting services, reorganization and restructuring and optimization of companies, the conception and support of process improvements in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive supply or foundry industry.
From many consulting and interim projects, we now have a wealth of experience, some of which goes beyond our core competencies. 

Business Unit ENGINEERING: Operations-, Process- and Factory Optimization, Transformation & Design. (Consulting and interim management)
Business Unit ADVISORY: Restructuring & turnaround, turnaround management, corporate controlling & finance, post-merger integration (consulting, services and interim management)
Business Unit AUTOMOTIVE: Motorsport Engineering & Design, Motorsport services, Motorsport Private Equity. Operations-, Factory optimization in high tech automototive industries.

                                  Our guiding principle

                   Focus on improvement, not perfection.


Engineering | Operations | Advisory | Motorsport


Pages are partly under revision. Portfolio pages are created in German language.  

If you believe in what you are doing, you can achieve anything.

Get to know us. The db3 solutions at a glance


is more than a typical consulting or advisory company.
For us it is also much more than just a job.

It's our passion for what we do and that's what sets us apart.

That is why it's important to us that every new project fits to us and our values, but also that we fit 100% to our clients and customers.

Only in this way can we achieve the best results together with our clients and customers.

We enjoy our work with clients every day and clients are pleased with our commitment and the added value we deliver.

We are especially proud of the fact that clients have also used our services more than once.

Under the roof of the db3 solutions group, various business units have gradually been created.

Our Business Units:
db3 engineering, db3 advisory and db3 automotive.

The former business unit db3 tax & law are today independent tax consulting and auditing companies as well as lawers focusing on business and contract law in the US, Germany and Austria.

In Germany, we do not provide tax consulting, auditing or legal services. These are performed exclusively through the legally independent law firms and are not affiliated with db3 solutions group


Production Management | Cost Cutting | Supply Chain Management | Inventory Optimization | Asset Management

We always have a project we are working on. Mostly for our clients, of course.
From time to time, however, we also have our own projects that provide us with new inspiration, which we can then make available to our clients.

db3 engineering takes on consulting projects in the areas of operations and factory consulting for production companies, with a focus on SMEs.

Here, db3 engineering specializes in the areas of digital store floor management, supply chain management, production management and inventory optimization, as well as in production, plant or OPS controlling in close cooperation with our colleagues at db3 advisory.

Our industry focus here is general plant and mechanical engineering, Oils & Chemicals as well as the typical mid-sized automotive supplier (1rst Tier and 2nd Tier) and foundries.

A special sector, however, is plant engineering with integrated service offerings in the field of renewable energies and decentralized energy supply.

We have with partly 30 years a very special industry experience, both as employees and in consulting function

Business Unit  DB3 ADVISORY

 Restructuring & Reorganization | Post Merger Integration | Process Design | Corporate Controlling & Finance

Entrenched routines, inconclusive reports, unrealistic planning, outdated technologies and processes that are not optimally installed often prevent companies from managing their financial situation and thus the entire company in a forward-looking manner. 

A transformation of the finance organization helps to identify opportunities and risks earlier and to initiate forward-looking measures for the company.

If you believe in what you are doing, all goals can be achieved. We believe in your capabilities and ours, even in difficult times.

You do not have sufficient resources to complete, for example, necessary financial or controlling projects, the harmonization of cost accounting or your reporting processes? 
You simply have capacity bottlenecks?

We will gladly provide you with our capacities and support you.

You would like to reorganize your liquidity management, your medium- and long-term corporate planning or your controlling?

Here we can advise you quickly and reliably with our know-how, also from the experience of many projects, accompany, optimize, introduce and of course implement together with you.

Do you have personnel or capacity bottlenecks on the first or second management level?

We provide you also with our interim solutions in Controlling & Finance. 

Focus industries
FE - Foundries | AL/MG/Zn Diecasting Foundries | Plant and Mechanical Engineering | Automotive Supply Industry | Plant Construction Renewable Energies ( WIND On/Offshore - Gas Cogeneration Plants (CHP) - Contracting ) | Food & Beverage 

Experience since 1989 in industry, SME environment and corporate structures. Main focus since 2013 on recovery & turnaround projects and reorganziation in corporate Controlling and Finance.

Business Unit db3 automotive

Motorsport Engineering | Design | Services | Private Equity Motorsport

We all have a passion for something. Ours is motorsport!

We started early in the 1980 with racing and have become better and better over the years. In the past partly behind the wheel ourselves, today for the young drivers, seasoned professionals and team the helmsman in the background. We also learn something new every day and are happy to pass this on to our existing clients and customers.

Engineering services
Development and design of structural components for modern GT and formula cars as well as for Youngtimer Racing Cars. Engine and transmission component development, aerodynamic, brake and exhaust technology for racing applications.

Technical consulting and services
Dynamometer testing - chassis testing and optimization. Race engineering, telemetry, BoP services.

Support of actual four PE racing team participations, three of them in the US and one in Europe

Project-related in cooperation with external partners and with our BU db3 advisory in critical company situations we also provide support for the goal of a turnaround.

Since mid-2018, db3 seresco has also been supporting the emerging, professionally oriented eSports sector.

The entire motorsports sector is coordinated exclusively from England and the USA. EMEA activities are co-supervised via Austria and Germany.
Simulation racing for the D-A-CH and BeNeLux regions is handled via the UK, Austria and Germany.

Local contacts can be contacted via
[email protected] and we will be happy to assist you. 

BAETTR Performance [US]

Partner for cooperation around race driver coaching, track days and driver training is RacetrackCoach GmbH (Groß-Gerau)

Experience: From real motorsport as a driver, e.g. in Porsche Mobil1 Supercup and in endurance racing in various US series and of course as engineers in motorsport at manufacturer racing teams.


Breaking News! 

Receive information about us, our projects or interesting events and exclusive updates from our daily work - so you are always up to date. 

Including possible job offers with us, our customers and clients or our partners as well as interesting companies.

Local employees in continental Europe can be contacted via [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you. 

BAETTR Performance [US]

 Head Office 


Business Units of DB3 SOLUTIONS

DB3 AUTOMOTIVE, Bath (UK), Altenmarkt (A) | DB3 ENGINEERING, Grenchen (CH), Valley Forge, PA, Lechbruck am See (GER) | DB3 ADVISORY, Köln (GER), Altenmarkt (A), Flat Rock, MI (USA)

BAETTR Performance, Erda, UT (US)

Design Partnerhips: 


Business Partner & Recommandations 

exali AG, Augsburg | Werner Meutsch Stiftung, Kroppach | Rheinlandgarage, Köln | Gaffel GmbH, Köln | Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH, Salzburg (A) l CASTROL, Hamburg | Allianz AG, Köln | Point-Racing GmbH, Dormagen | VGS Motorsport GmbH, Köln | Fröhlich Biegetechnik GmbH, Köln | Weber Transporte, Dormagen | STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING GmbH & Co. KG, Pulheim  | ALUVATION.TEC, Halifax (CAN) | HELIS Kanzlei für Verkehrsrecht, Hürth (GER) | Braun & Partner Rechtsanwälte | Köln (GER) | Asch Motorsport, Ammerbruch | Sporthotel Radstadt, Radstadt (A) | Segula Technologies GmbH, Rüsselsheim | Munters AB, Kista | Scheu Dental Guppe, Iserlohn | SRO Sports Group, London (UK) | Görg Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbH, Köln

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